uDraw Studio Game and Tablet For Wii

If you want a toy that’ll really impress the kids this Christmas, the uDraw Studio Game and Tablet is an excellent choice. This is a tablet accessory that connects up with the Wii to let you send your drawings directly to the game. It encourages creativity with a whole range of activities, effects and more. It’s even fun for parents, too!

Features Of The uDraw Studio Game and Tablet

* Includes drawing tablet with 4×6 inch drawing space,
* Pen attached to tablet,
* Easy to use with tutorials for every function,
* Variety of tools including pen, airbrush, chalk and more,
* Large library of 100+ stamps,
* 11 different canvas types,
* Choose the environment from 8 backdrops designed to inspire creativity,
* Replay your whole creation at 1x, 2x or 4x the speed to watch it unfold,
* Save your work to SD card,
* Print your artwork,
* Send creations to compatible devices.

Is The uDraw Studio Game and Tablet Worth Buying?

The first thing to note is that you’ll need to have a Nintendo Wii to play this game. If not, buying one could add a couple extra hundred dollars onto the cost of this gift. If you’ve already got one, and your child loves their art, then this could be an excellent gift choice.

One thing you’ll notice about this drawing tablet is that it doesn’t come cheap. That’s because you’re getting the whole tablet as well as the game. The good news, however, is that the tablet can be used for other games (sold separately) to really help you get your money’s worth. Separate games include Pictionary, Spongebob Squarepants and more. Some games even use the Wii Motion remote to turn the tablet into a whole new gaming controller.

The uDraw Studio and tablet may be considered expensive by some, given the fact that kids can use painting programs on a computer for a fraction of the cost. However, those who’ve bought and tried the device all state how different it is to these computer programs. For a start, you’re drawing directly on the tablet – helping to develop real life drawing skills rather than using a computer mouse.

This game also comes with far more features than you’ll get on a standard painting program, and the ability to see your artwork on a big screen TV makes a lot of difference to potential creativity. One of the best things about being able to use it on a big TV screen, however, is the fact that the whole family can watch and use it together.

The uDraw tablet is easy enough for young children to figure out, and is suitable from around the age of five. There’s not much setup required – you simply place the Wii remote into the tablet. The best thing about it, however, is that there’s no mess to clean up at the end!

In short, if you’ve already got a Wii and want a gift that the whole family can enjoy this holiday season, the uDraw Studio Game and Tablet is an excellent choice. Make sure you check out the related games, too, as they’re excellent for some family fun!