Hot Wheels R/C Terrain Twister Vehicle with Battery Pack System

All Terrain all the time! No matter what the season, Tyco R/C’s newest innovation in radio control can tackle any terrain! Featuring sleek pivoting pontoons with unique corkscrew treads, the Tyco Radio-Controlled Terrain Twister vehicle is virtually unstoppable as it twists its way over almost any surface.

Remote control cars are a favorite among children and even adults.  But often you have cars that are limited to paved areas outdoors or hard floors inside the home.  While they’re still fun to play with, they’re not able to take on different environments.

Hot Wheels has the answer to this problem with the Hot Wheels Remote Control Terrain Twister Vehicle.  You’ll never have to worry about whether or not this car can handle an environment you throw at it. [Read more…]