Gelarti Designer Studio

Create and store your stickers in the portable Gelarti Designer Studio which can store 4 pens, a marbling tool, 3D accessories and Gelarti stickers. Simply place a sticker sheet onto the turn table making sure the edges are underneath the tabs and gently squeeze the Gelarti paint pen to create and colour your sticker. You can also create different effects with the marbling tool!

For the budding interior designer, the Gelarti Designer Studio is the perfect gift.  This set allows your child to create removable stickers that can be displayed on the walls or windows without leaving any permanent marks.

The set comes with six sticker sheets, so your child will have many stickers to design and use.  It also includes four paint pens for coloring the stickers.  It also comes with a tool to help you put gems on the stickers as well as 12 gems to use.

There’s also a tool to create a marbling effect on the stickers.  No design is complete without a little sparkle and this set comes with glitter to complete the look.  There are also six 3D accessories you can add to the stickers. [Read more…]