Syma R/C Helicopters

Flying remote controlled toys have seen a resurgence in recent years due to the production and marketing of smaller lightweight toys made of materials that are safe to play with indoors.

Advances in technology and features that allow flying R/C toys like the Syma R/C Helicopters to move slowly and hover makes playing indoors and outdoors safer and easier even for beginners.

Syma makes several models of mini, mid-sized and large helicopters to suit the preferences of all flying enthusiasts. Popular styes include gyro helicopters and military helicopters. Syma has several models available in their mini series which can be suitable for some indoor play. Most of the helicopter toys are like the S018 wolf which is lightweight and palm-sized. Models like the S107 are only Product size: 19 x 3.5 x 9.5 cm. These smaller copters can hover and slowly move safely throughout the home. They are also the most affordable and have fueled much of the popularity of R/C helicopters. Typically the mini copters have 7-10 minutes of flight time on a 20-25 minute charge.

Syma R/C helicopters also are available in a mid size. These helicopters like 2009 Apache may be 27.5cm in length and will fly for 8-9 minutes on a 1 hour charge. At a retail of $60 – $80 These toys are recommended for more serious pilots and suitable for outdoor play. You can also find spare parts if your copter ever needs repair.

Larger helicopters are available for beginners and the serious enthusiast alike. Surprisingly, they are priced similarly to the mid-sized toys at around $75 each. These high tech, high detail machines may be about 16 inches long or larger. However they have advanced controls that make flying them easy. Because of their size they are best suited for outdoors. But like any Syma R/C Helicopter, you can practice take-offs and hovering just about anywhere.

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