Savannah Dollhouse

Southern charm and flair abound in this wonderfully finished 4-level Dollhouse. It’s sure to provide hours of fun, imaginative play.

The Savannah Dollhouse is a beautiful, 4 foot tall southern-style mansion designed to give children ages three and up hours of imaginary enjoyment. The dollhouse is fully furnished with handcrafted wooden furniture, and contains four sub levels, with a total of six rooms. The side of the dollhouse has an open fa├žade to provide simplified visibility and allow the child easy access to rearrange and play with all of their dolls and accessories. At a price of over $100, this dollhouse is obviously on the premium end of the spectrum, being primarily comprised of high-quality, durable wood materials that are meant to last. If you want to stimulate your child’s imagination and give them countless hours of wholesome entertainment, the Savannah Dollhouse is certainly worth considering.

Notable Features of the Savannah Dollhouse

The Savannah Dollhouse is wide enough and tall enough for several children to play with at once, and the spacious windows let children view dolls and furniture from multiple exterior viewpoints. Thus, this item makes the perfect gift for siblings that enjoy role-playing together, and can provide an ideal venue for young children to express their creative collaborative abilities. The dollhouse is large enough to accommodate virtually any fashion doll under 12 inches tall, and even has a large outdoor patio attached. Since there are no small plastic pieces included with the Savannah dollhouse, and all of the accessories are made of wood, it is generally safe for even the most rambunctious toddlers.

What Is Included with the Savannah Dollhouse?

The Savannah dollhouse comes with 14 pieces of miniature artesian wooden furniture that completes the theme of each of the six individual rooms. The furniture is not only handcrafted, it is also manually assembled and hand-painted for a stunning, uniquely finished look. Amongst some of the furniture pieces are a table and chair set for the kitchen, and a couch, armchair, and coffee table set for the den. Each of the dollhouse beds are adorned with real linens, and the couches/loveseats even have tiny cushions. In the box you’ll find the various components of the dollhouse, including the necessary hardware, furniture, and assembly instructions.

Size Dimensions and Assembly

The Savannah dollhouse weighs about 40 pounds, standing approximately 50 inches high, 33 inches wide, and 13 inches in depth. Ease of assembly is rated at four out of five stars, while durability is rated at a full five stars. Virtually anyone can perform the assembly, and along with the assembly instructions an Allen wrench and 30 screws (both of which are included in the box) are all that is needed to put the house together. However, you may find it easier to perform the assembly with your own powered screwdriver, as it can be somewhat time-consuming to tighten 30 screws with an Allen wrench. Nonetheless, considering how much time, effort, and money would be required to build a similar dollhouse with all of its accenting features and accessories, the price tag of $125 is relatively nominal.

Come on in: Four fun levels with six rooms of open space. Accommodates dolls up to 11 1/2″h. ; Includes 13-Pcs. of colorful furniture; Wide windows allow dolls to be seen from multiple points of view ; Full outdoor patio area ; Large enough for multiple children to play at once ; Sturdy wood construction is built to last ; Approx. 50 1/2″ h. x 33″ w. x 13″ d. Weighs approx. 38 lbs. ; Let their imagination be their ticket to fun! Order Today! FREE SHIPPING Available!
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