Plasma Bike for Toddlers

Plasma Bike is a balance bike like no other! It’s unique design encourages balance development and wide wheel shape offers a fun, stable ride! Weighing under 6lbs, it’s lightweight and transports easily to playgrounds. The bike is available in both red and black.

When your toddler has reached that exciting time in their life to enjoy the experience of riding their first bike, there is no better choice for this holiday season than the Plasma Bike. Depending on the size of each individual child, this is a cool bike that works very well for children that are between the ages of two to about six years old.

It is always an exciting milestone in life for parents when their toddler is introduced to the first bike that they will ever ride. Riding this bike helps to ensure that the ride will be a fun first experience to be remembered by both you and your child.

Not only is the Plasma Bike a fun toy your child will love to ride, but it also doubles as a tool for learning. As your toddler sits on the seat and moves all about, they will benefit from learning how to steer and balance at the same time they are riding. This balance bike does not come with pedals, which means the action of your child’s feet in moving the bike will help to make certain they get plenty of healthy exercise. These bikes make riding very easy for virtually any toddler, providing them with a countless number of hours of exciting play.

Key Features that make the Plasma Bike so Popular

The Plasma Bike includes several great features:

  • The bike can easily support the weight of children that are up to 55 pounds.
  • Parents are assured that their child’s ride is both enjoyable and stable, as it is self-balancing.
  • The plastic that is used in the making of this toy is of the highest quality. This means it will last through a long time of even the toughest of use.
  • The Plasma Bike weighs less than 6 pounds, which means it is extremely easy and convenient to transport.
  • The unique design of the bike is innovative, sleek, and stable.

One of the reasons so many parents have chosen this bike to be ideal as the first bike for their toddler is because its unique design is so safe. The width of the wheels completely takes away a parent’s worry of the toy toppling over while their child is riding. There are even some toddlers as young as 18 months that enjoy riding this bike.

Another reason it has become so popular is the fact that it provides so much fun to growing toddlers. The self-balancing design eliminates the danger of children getting hurt on heavy metal pedals.

There are also advantages of learning that a toddler will receive when they ride the Plasma Bike. Riding from room to room is play that is actually beneficial as it encourages the development of a toddler’s motor skills.. This comes from the higher level of coordination and balance that toddlers reach through learning how to ride the bike.

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