Pink 8pc Drum Set Playset with Sing Along Microphone and Electronic Guitar

The Pink 8 Piece Girls Drum and Musical Instrument Toy Play Set from Kids Authority is a comprehensive music play station designed for children age six years and up. This set comes with all that is needed to give a child a lasting interest in music and allow them to express their creative capabilities in an enjoyable manner. If your young one has been showing an interest in music lately, this multi-faceted musical play set will give them the ideal venue to begin exploring a fulfilling lifelong hobby. If you’ve been searching for a gift that will give a child constructive entertainment and stimulate a creative spark in their minds, the Pink 8 Piece Girls Drum and Musical Instrument Toy Play Set is definitely worth considering.

Key Components of the Pink Eight Piece Girls Drum and Musical Instrument Toy Play Set

This eight piece set includes a Rock ‘n Roll karaoke headset (with a sing-along microphone), an electronic guitar, a 36 key pink keyboard (with an attached microphone stand), a drum set, and 2 chairs. The drum set includes one brass drum, one large tom-tom, a mini tom-tom, one pedal, two drumsticks, and a cymbal. The electronic keyboard has attached speakers, and built-in karaoke functionality that works through the integrated microphone that is perched conveniently on a sturdy stand on the side of the keyboard.

Interesting Features of the Pink 8 Piece Girls Drum and Musical Instrument Toy Play Set

The 36 key electronic keyboard is preloaded with eight different rhythms, 8 different types of musical instruments, 4 drum sounds, and 4 animal sounds. The microphone and stand can be removed from the keyboard during karaoke to allow for more lively performances. The electronic guitar includes three different guitar tones, nine beautiful melodies, and five rhythms that create lifelike guitar strumming sounds. In karaoke mode, children can choose from a different songs to sing along with, and flashing lights indicate when they’re supposed to start and stop singing.

Other Facts about the Pink 8 Piece Girls Drum and Musical Instrument Toy Play Set

At the price of $150, the Pink 8 Piece Girls Drum and Musical Instrument Toy Play Set is a fantastic value and makes a great gift for the young aspiring musician. Given the fact that the Kids Authority 36 key pink electronic keyboard sells by itself for about a third of the price ($48), having the drum, guitar, microphone, and chairs included makes this set a notable value. Although none of the components of this set actually make real acoustic sounds, they are realistic electronic counterparts that give children a friendly introduction to the joyful experience of making music with one another. All of the items within the set are constructed of lightweight, yet durable plastics, and do not require assembly. The low overall weight of only approximately 20 pounds also makes for cheaper shipping costs.

Drum Set: Set = 23″ – Drum = 14″ – Chair = 10 “, 1 x Brass drum 1 x Large tom tom 2 x Mini tom tom, 1 x Cymbal 1 x Chair, 1 x Pedal 2 x Drum sticks, Age Group: 3 – 5, 3 kinds of varied guitar tones, 9 wonderful melodies, 5 different rythms real guitar like strings, Electric Piano Musical Play Set w/ Microphone, Removable Piano & Microphone,Karaoke & Speakers, Flashing Light ,36 Musical Instrument Key ,8 Stereophonic musics, 8 Kinds of rhythm ,8 kinds of musical instruments ,4 Kinds of drum sounds ,4 Kinds of animal sounds, Comes with all you need to get started today, Great quality, for ages
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