Online Gaming Consoles

Amazon ImageWhen it comes to major gamers, they will typically fall into one of two classifications: those who play alone, and those who love online gaming. The very best online games are the ones that connect you with other gamers, to bring a completely new experience to your game. Currently, all of the top game systems offer online versions. So which is best: the Xbox 360, the PS3, or the Wii?

Xbox 360: The King of Online Gaming
No matter which gamer you ask, they will probably tell you that the Xbox 360 is the best for online gaming. It provides a smooth gaming platform and an excellent communication platform for players. The only negative is that that you need to have an Xbox Live membership to access online services; however it is because of this membership fee that Microsoft can offer such a remarkable on-line experience to their loyal fans.

What About The Others?
Amazon ImageThe next best thing to the Xbox 360 would be the PlayStation 3, which has the advantage of permitting you to play online free of charge (to a limited degree). Nevertheless, the basic online experience of the Playstation 3 is not as good as the Xbox 360—both the purchasing and gaming experiences are less developed than on the 360.

Amazon ImageIf you desire a good online experience, then the Nintendo Wii is certainly out of consideration, as it does not have a true social games element. This is due to the reality that there simply aren’t many users (the Wii is popular, but not with online gamers).

How to Choose a Console
This doesn’t suggest that it is a must for you to buy the Xbox 360. When you choose your games system, you need to consider all of the ways you will use it.

Some on-line games are unique to a specific console, and if you want to play those particular games you have no choice but to buy the console that you will be able to play it on. However, if you pass as much time playing alone as you play online, then you might wish to seriously consider the PlayStation 3 instead of the Xbox 360, as it offers an outstanding offline games experience. The Nintendo Wii, on the other hand, is great for social gaming with family and friends in “real life.”

The best game console for online games is definitely the Xbox 360; however prior to buying any console, think about the kinds of games you will play and learn which system you can play them on.