Lego Space Alien Mothership

The Lego Alien Conquest series has been around for a while now. All of its sets are based on outer space, and incorporate cool features like alien figurines and moving parts. One of the latest sets in the range is the Lego Space Alien Mothership: a UFO that spins around before abducting an unwitting reporter.

Features Of The Lego Space Alien Mothership

* Large UFO model,
* Outer spinning disc on the UFO,
* UFO makes a sound when you spin it,
* Abducting claw in UFO can pick up Lego minifigures,
* Comes with reporter and Alien Commander minifigures,
* 416 pieces in total,
* Suitable for ages 8-14,
* 19 x 19 x 4 inches in size.

Is The Lego Space Alien Mothership Worth Buying For Your Child?

Compared to the other sets in the Alien Conquest range, this particular set is one of the most expensive. That said, for roughly $70-$100 (depending on where you buy from), you’re getting a big Lego set comparable to some of the more expensive toys out there. It’s got plenty of pieces and features to keep kids occupied for a while.

The spaceship ends up around 19 inches wide once it’s all been built, which makes it perfect for flying around the room (it has a handle to make this easy). The cockpit dome is also bigger than on comparable Lego sets, and the Alien Commander figurine is something unique and special to this set.

If you’ve got a child aged eight or older who loves anything to do with space then the chances are this set is going to make them happy. Aside from the fun of putting it together, features like the abduction claw, alien commander figurine and the spinning disc make this really fun to play with. It’s also pretty durable, but you’ll need to be careful with the antennas.

Although the sound brick is fun for a while, some reviewers have commented on the fact that the spinning sound quickly got annoying after playing with it for a while. It is possible to deactivate the sound by rebuilding the set with the sound brick facing downwards instead of upwards, however.

In short, the Lego Space Alien Mothership set may be considered a little expensive, but it’s still a very big and challenging set, perfect for children between the ages of eight and fourteen. It’s even been picked by Toy Insider as one of the hot holiday toys for 2011, so you know it’s going to be popular with kids!