LAZERTAG Multiplayer Battle System

The LazerTag Multiplayer Battle System comes with everything you need to have an intense LazerTag battle unlike any you’ve ever had before. This powerful laser tag system lets you bring the fun of the arcade home and experience the thrill of a real shootout without the associated dangers. Studies have shown that participating in multiplayer laser tag battles can enhance your ability to strategize and use hand eye coordination under pressure. This combo package makes a perfect gift for the young aspiring policeman or soldier, or anywhere else that likes to have a bit of action-packed competitive fun.

Benefits of a LazerTag Multiplayer Battle System

The LazerTag multiplayer battle system gives you one of the most enjoyable shootout experiences without the need for annoying Nerf bullets that are easily lost, or possibly painful paintball or BB guns. Although the system only includes two Phoenix LTX taggers (laser guns), it is possible to purchase additional taggers and participate in large multiplayer games. Whether you enjoy intense close combat situations with plenty of obstacles or acting as a professional marksman by stealthily sniping from a distant location, the laser tagger’s included with the system are capable of accommodating your style of shooting. With a range of up to 300 feet or more, you can engage in long distance shootouts in areas the size of a football field, or have a blast around the house using furniture and walls to protect you form your opponents.

Multifaceted Tagger

The Phoenix LXT Taggers are equipped with a pinpoint sight for increased accuracy, and a shot blast attachment that allows you to customize the firing power of your tagger. Not only does the tagger fire invisible lasers toward your opponents, it also carries a module that registers anytime you’ve been hit, how many shots you fired, and special weapon activations that increase your firing power. Each time something related to the tagger’s ammo or your score happens you’ll receive a notification via a combination of sounds, vibrations, and lights. The shot blast attachment allows the Phoenix LXT tagger to act as a sort of a buckshot shotgun, giving you the ability to hit multiple targets at once. Each time you are hit the tagger responds by vibrating, and when you fire a shot the gun recoils a bit, providing an exhilarating and authentic experience.

Single Player Mode

Even if you’re by yourself you can still have fun with the LazerTag Multiplayer Battle System using a single player mode that is designed to operate in conjunction with your television. However, it should be noted that the video game module is only designed to be used with CRT TVs, and is therefore not compatible with HDTV’s or plasma TVs. The single player mode puts you into a fun first-person shooting world with diverse environments/locations, and a plethora of operations and unlikable weapons. Although most users agree that a multiplayer battle is much more fun than single player mode, it gives you the opportunity to hone your skills when you don’t have a second player.

Laser Tag Multiplayer Battle System. Tag or be tagged in this intense, real-life lazer combat game! The complete two-player system features the PHOENIX LTX tagger for thrilling minute-to-minute action as it registers hits, shots and special weapon activations with lights, sounds and vibrations. Add your SHOT BLAST attachment to tag multiple targets at once and boost your hit damage. Thrilling game action is heightened by new features including: a rumble pack that lets you know when youve been hit, a recoil feature that engages with every shot fired, and a manual reload feature to restock ammo. Line up your shots with amazing accuracy with the PINPOINT SIGHT attachment. Invite your friends to join you in multi-player modes (additional taggers sold separately) and watch your back!