Justin Bieber Singing Dolls

Would your teen or tween love to have Justin Bieber singing only to her? With the Justin Bieber Doll Collection she can do just that. This is one of the hottest Christmas toys for girls ages 6 -15 years of age this holiday season.

Justin Bieber became an overnight singing sensation after posting home videos on YouTube. His wildly-successful videos convinced the music industry that he could be the next teen singing sensation…and the rest is history. Justin has sold millions of albums and sells out concert venues all over the world.

There are five Justin Bieber Dolls available. Three are fashion dolls, and two of them are singing dolls that each sing one of his hits. The three fashion Justin Bieber dolls are 12” Justin Beiber Doll dressed in a unique outfit and microphone, sunglasses and headphones. The doll also comes with a collectible mini magazine.

Two of the Justin Bieber dolls each sing a different hit song and comes dressed in an outfit from his music video for that song. One sings Baby and the other sings One Less Lonely Girl. The singing dolls also include a collectible mini magazine.

If there is a young Justin Bieber fan on your holiday shopping list, you can’t go wrong with one or both of the Justin Bieiber Singing Dolls. Want to be your little girl’s hero? Get her the whole set!

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