Gifts for Cell Phone Loving Teens

Does your teen constantly talk on his cell phone? Is he constantly texting his friends? Let’s face it. Teens and their cell phones are inseparable and if they’re going to spend so much time together, you may as well get them a few cell phone accessories to enhance the experience.

Grass Charging Station
What bedroom or college dorm room is complete without a plant? Your child’s lack of a green thumb is of no concern here. This faux garden doubles as a charging station for cell phones, MP3 players, and more. The next time your teen can’t find his cell phone you’ll be able to tell him to check the garden. It’s strange but it’s certainly entertaining.

Retro Handset
Because everything that once was is now becoming popular again, it only makes sense that your teen might think it is cool to talk not directly into his cell phone but into a retro handset instead. Designed to look exactly like an old Western Electric hand set, your teen will find it funny and entertaining to use it instead of his cell. It is, after all, several times larger than the phone in his pocket.

LensPEN Lens Cleaning System
The LensPen Lens Cleaning System is perfect for cleaning grubby finger prints off of any electronic device. One end has a light brush great for wiping away dust and dirt. The opposite end excretes a carbon formula designed to safely remove fingerprints from the lenses and screens without causing damage. It’s useful and somewhat trendy and will certainly appeal to your teen’s need to keep his favorite accessory looking as cool (aka clean) as possible.

Wireless Earpieces
Wireless earpieces come in a wide variety of shapes and designs, any of which will appeal to your trendy teen. As a matter of fact, choosing one with a colorful pattern or funky design may even encourage him to wear it more – especially if you live in an area where it is illegal to drive and talk without one.

Freehands® Womens Micro Fur Gloves for IPhones and Cell Phones – Free Shipping
Is your teen willing to sacrifice warmth for an opportunity to text or talk on the phone? If so, you might want to lure her back to reality with a pair of Freehands Micro Fur Gloves. The faux fur interior will keep her hands warm while the velour exterior will help her to keep a firm grip on her phone. The thumb and index fingers have flip-back caps, allowing her to expose only the digits she needs to communicate.

Your teen’s intense relationship with his cell phone will eventually end. At least we hope it will. Until then, do your best to encourage safe usage – and a little fun!