Electronic Furby

Furby toys hit store shelves in the late 90’s and quickly became a popular replacement for the traditional robot. Designed to look like a combination of a hamster and an owl, these toys were originally hot sellers and very difficult to find.

The distinguishing trait of the Furby was its ability to slowly migrate from speaking 100% Furbish to speaking English. The idea was that the Furby would continue to speak its own language until it was nourished enough to learn English – no matter where they were living.

The Furby craze died down in 2000 and remained quiet until 2005, when the Emoto-Tronic company released a line of Furbies, Furby Baby, and the Funky Furby. They were again popular because of new enhancements such as voice-recognition and the ability to make unique facial twitches. Some could communicate with other Furby toys, interacting to play games and sing songs. They sold well in 2007 but then became incredibly difficult to find.

Sticking with the idea that “everything old becomes new again,” some forecasters predict the Furby will be incredibly popular this holiday season. The newer versions are a bit easier to find than the originals, but the originals can still be found online and in specialty stores. Keep your eyes peeled and be ready to jump on the offers you do find. We have a feeling the Furby toy won’t last much longer but those who get their hands on them will be incredibly glad they did!