Top Action Figures for 2013

Whenever a movie debuts, action figures generally come out for the characters – and those emerge as top sellers for that year. In the 2013 buying season, you can rely on the fact that Despicable Me action figures will be a good investment.

Amazon ImageWhether it’s the Despicable Me 2 Minion Tim The Singing Action Figure or the Despicable Me 2 PVC 2 Inch Mini Figure 10-Piece Set, kids who love the movie will love these toys. The Carl Vinyl Figure is a good idea, too.

Sometimes the top action figures are characters that have been staples in the kids’ world for years. One good example of this is the line of Transformer toys. This year, you can grab the Chase the Police-Bot Figure, Blades The Coptorbot or the Heatwave the Fire-Bot Figure and hit one out of the ballpark this year.

Cartoons are a good source of action figure ideas – especially those that have had full-length movies made out of them. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are old school, but the action figures are still hot.

Pick up the Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo, or Leonardo action figures that will please most younger boys (and some girls, too)! Don’t forget to grab Splinter while you’re at it – because this dad keeps his sons under control. You could pair this with a DVD set of the movies if your child doesn’t own it yet.

Video game characters are always wise if your child is into action figures and gaming. Super Mario Brothers are one of the most popular lines and there’s a set of 18 two-inch figures you can buy that include Mario and all his companions.

Amazon ImageGoing back to the movie characters, Toy Story still hasn’t gone out of style – and kids keep the Buzz Lightyear Action Figure in the top 100 list at all times. Other movie heroes from Star Wars and all the action hero movies like Superman never fail to give a child a delight when opening their present.

Amazon ImageFor the girls, there’s a My Little Pony Exclusive 12Pack Pony Collection set that includes 6 special edition ponies. Kids also get the collector cards with this pack, and consumers rave about the value of this as a gift.

Chuggington Interactive Railway All Around Chuggington Set

If you have a child who loves the Chuggington animated TV series, then it’s well worth looking into the range of gift options available to buy this holiday season. Kids just love the cute “trainee” trains, who are always teaching them new lessons in the form of fun stories.

Toy retailers are agreed that the Chuggington Interactive Railway Set is destined to sell in huge numbers this holiday season.

Features Of The Chuggington Interactive Railway All Around Chuggington Set

* Different engines interact with each other through “SmartTalk” technology,
* Interactions prompt sounds, lights and phrases based on the TV show,
* Over 250 sounds and phrases,
* 4 foot wide layout,
* Over 13 feet of track,
* Pieces easily snap together,
* 3 interactive train stops: tower platform, loading yard and roundhouse,
* Interactive Vee figure,
* Interactive Wilson engine,
* Hopper car,
* 6 pieces of cargo,
* 60+ pieces total,
* Requires 11 AA batteries (included)

Is The Chuggington Interactive Railway All Around Chuggington Set Worth Buying For Your Child?

At over 4 feet wide, it’s important to note that this is a relatively big train set (made even bigger if you choose to combine it with other elements from the Chuggington range). This makes it fun for kids who can really get involved in the railway operations, but it does mean you’ll need a large play area for it.

As for the kind of kids this toy will suit, it’s designed for ages three and above, and will especially appeal to those who watch the TV show and love the characters. It’s easy to use, as the trains are propelled by hands and the set automatically recognizes certain trains passing through. However, you may need to spend some time helping young kids to put the track pieces together correctly.

The Chuggington railway set brings the famous toys to life. At certain points in the track, the set will recognize the engine passing through, activating a number of unique features. Kids can also play with other engines who recognize each other and make sounds or say phrases. Although only one engine comes in this kit, it will work with all other Chuggington engines.

The Interactive All Around Chuggington Set is just one element of a much bigger world. If your child really enjoys playing with this set, then there’s plenty of opportunity for some more excellent gifts in future. The fact that they all work together makes this a unique range to start collecting.

The main downside to this product is the fact that it uses 11 AA batteries. Thankfully they are already included, and shouldn’t run down too quickly since they’re only used when the trains pass through at certain points (the set doesn’t constantly require power to function). Some parents have also commented on the fact that the connected track does come apart a little easily when compared to wooden train tracks.

At $65, the Chuggington Interactive Railway All Around Chuggington Set isn’t exactly cheap, but for kids who love the TV show, this is the perfect gift to keep them happy.

Hottest Toys for Christmas 2011

The Toy Insider has been predicting the hottest holiday toys for five years now. Many parents use this as a guide to help figure out which gift to buy their child. The best thing about the Toy Insider hot 20 for 2011 is that they cover a huge age range, and come in at a variety of prices. Keep reading to find out more about each of the toys on this list.

0-2 Years Of Age

For the very youngest children, the Toy Insider hot 20 for 2011 list includes the entertaining Let’s Rock Elmo, which will teach your child to sing with Elmo and play along with toy musical instruments. There’s also the ever popular Pocoyo Swiggle Traks set, the Elefun Busy Ball Popper and the Little People Zoo Talkers Zoo that’ll help your child learn more about different animals and what they sound like.

3-5 Years Of Age

There are plenty of choices for this age bracket, and one of the highlights is the Plasma Bike. This is a balance bike that’ll help kids develop those vital balance skills, but without yet having to worry about pedaling or using training wheels.

Aside from the Plasma Bike, other recommendations include:
* The LeapPad Explorer,
* Chuggington Interactive Railway,
* Lazer Stunt Chaser,
* Mini Lalaloopsy Treehouse,
* Lite Sprites.

6-8 Years Of Age

For children who are a little older, things get even more fun. One gift that’ll prove fun for the whole family is the Redakai Championship Tin – a starter kit for the popular game that comes with basic and advanced levels for kids and adults alike. Or maybe you’ve got an Angry Birds fan in the house? No matter how old they are, the new Angry Birds plush toys are bound to be appreciated.

Other hot toy predictions for this age bracket include:
* Justin Bieber Rockin’ Tour Bus And Concert Stage,
* Nerf Vortex Proton Blaster,
* Radica Fijit Friends,
* Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure.

9 Years And Older

If you’re looking for a good gift for your tween then there are a couple of Toy Insider predictions that the whole family will be able to enjoy together. First is the uDraw Studio game and tablet for the Nintendo Wii, letting you draw directly onto the tablet into the game, with a range of different effects. Another good option is the WowWee Paper Jamz Pro Mic Series. These microphones are all about having fun, and add plenty of effects to your voice as you sing.

Other recommendations for hot tween gifts:
* Lego Alien Conquest: Alien Mothership,
* Scene It! Harry Potter trivia game.

As you can see, there’s a toy to suit every child on the Toy Insider Hot 20 for 2011 predictions list. They’re all widely available online too, so shop around to grab the best price before these toys go out of stock.

Pink 8pc Drum Set Playset with Sing Along Microphone and Electronic Guitar

The Pink 8 Piece Girls Drum and Musical Instrument Toy Play Set from Kids Authority is a comprehensive music play station designed for children age six years and up. This set comes with all that is needed to give a child a lasting interest in music and allow them to express their creative capabilities in an enjoyable manner. If your young one has been showing an interest in music lately, this multi-faceted musical play set will give them the ideal venue to begin exploring a fulfilling lifelong hobby. If you’ve been searching for a gift that will give a child constructive entertainment and stimulate a creative spark in their minds, the Pink 8 Piece Girls Drum and Musical Instrument Toy Play Set is definitely worth considering.

Key Components of the Pink Eight Piece Girls Drum and Musical Instrument Toy Play Set

This eight piece set includes a Rock ‘n Roll karaoke headset (with a sing-along microphone), an electronic guitar, a 36 key pink keyboard (with an attached microphone stand), a drum set, and 2 chairs. The drum set includes one brass drum, one large tom-tom, a mini tom-tom, one pedal, two drumsticks, and a cymbal. The electronic keyboard has attached speakers, and built-in karaoke functionality that works through the integrated microphone that is perched conveniently on a sturdy stand on the side of the keyboard.
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Savannah Dollhouse

Southern charm and flair abound in this wonderfully finished 4-level Dollhouse. It’s sure to provide hours of fun, imaginative play.

The Savannah Dollhouse is a beautiful, 4 foot tall southern-style mansion designed to give children ages three and up hours of imaginary enjoyment. The dollhouse is fully furnished with handcrafted wooden furniture, and contains four sub levels, with a total of six rooms. The side of the dollhouse has an open façade to provide simplified visibility and allow the child easy access to rearrange and play with all of their dolls and accessories. At a price of over $100, this dollhouse is obviously on the premium end of the spectrum, being primarily comprised of high-quality, durable wood materials that are meant to last. If you want to stimulate your child’s imagination and give them countless hours of wholesome entertainment, the Savannah Dollhouse is certainly worth considering.

Notable Features of the Savannah Dollhouse

The Savannah Dollhouse is wide enough and tall enough for several children to play with at once, and the spacious windows let children view dolls and furniture from multiple exterior viewpoints. Thus, this item makes the perfect gift for siblings that enjoy role-playing together, and can provide an ideal venue for young children to express their creative collaborative abilities. The dollhouse is large enough to accommodate virtually any fashion doll under 12 inches tall, and even has a large outdoor patio attached. Since there are no small plastic pieces included with the Savannah dollhouse, and all of the accessories are made of wood, it is generally safe for even the most rambunctious toddlers.
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Bob the Builder Construction Tower

Bob the Builder Construction Tower is yet another new play set that has been added to this widely popular line of kid’s toys. All the other toys in this range have already made a smash hit among countless boys and girls. It is expected that this tower set will also become a fast success this holiday season, as many have named it to be one of the hottest toys on the market for Christmas 2011.

Some of the Key Features of Bob the Builder Construction Tower Set

There is a never ending amount of thrills and fun that both girls and boys three years old and above can have while constructing this colorful tower. Some of the awesome features contained in this set include the following:

  • The popular Bob the Builder figure that so many kids have grown to adore is included with the tower set.
  • The construction tower is interactive; making the fun your child will have extra exciting.
  • The winch included in the set is movable. This means it is easy for kids to load the materials that are needed for construction, and then they can easily be lifted to the tower’s top. This makes the height of the construction even higher.
  • A few of the other accessories that are also featured include play cement bags, a toy wheelbarrow, and more. [Read more…]

KidKraft Majestic Dollhouse

The KidKraft Majestic Dollhouse is a highly detailed, 4 foot tall, 4 foot wide mansion-style dollhouse that is packed with accessories and interactive features. This illustrious dollhouse certainly has the ability to light up the eyes of a young girl, giving her hours of role-playing fun with friends and family and let her exercise her imagination freely. Despite the relatively high price of about $160, the KidKraft Majestic Dollhouse is worth looking at considering its extensive features/accessories and large size.

Main Features of the KidKraft Majestic Dollhouse

The KidKraft Majestic Dollhouse is an eight room mini mansion that can accommodate any fashion dolls or figurines under 12 inches tall. In comparison to the majority of the other dollhouses on the market, this one is considerably larger, making it ideal for multiplayer enjoyment. With a wide façade and multiple sides that have various window openings, two or more children can participate in the role-playing fun at the same time. There is even a working elevator that is capable of moving back and forth between the second and third floor of the mansion. One feature of this dollhouse that cannot truly be appreciated in the item’s pictures is its size, standing nearly 5 feet tall.
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Guidecraft See and Store Dress Up Center

The See and Store Dress-Up Center from Guidecraft is great for the classroom, nursery school or home. This pretend play clothing wardrobe features three storage units on one side for toys, shoes and dramatic play items. A deep bottom with sides and a 1/2-inch diameter hardwood dowel is perfect for hanging clothes and costumes. There’s even an acrylic mirror to enhance dramatic play activities!

The Guidecraft See and Store Dress up Center is a beautiful piece of furniture that will hold all of your child’s dress-up costumes, makeup, and accessories. Regardless of whether your child already has an overactive imagination, or you’re trying to bring out their improvisational and creative side by giving them a gift that will bring them more enjoyment, the Guidecraft See and Store Dress Up Center is likely to suit the preferences of both the child and you.

Features of the Guidecraft See and Store Dress Up Center

This pink pastel dress-up wardrobe is extremely spacious, and is constructed of durable material designed to last for years. There is also a sturdy half-inch thick hardwood dowel that can be used to hang clothes and costumes on. The acrylic mirror on the side of the wardrobe lets your child see what they look like in different outfits, enhancing their dress-up and role-playing experience. The three drawers next to the costume hanging area provide ideal storage space for toys, makeup, and dress-up accessories such as hats, scarves, masks, gloves, and costume jewelry. The dress-up closet area of the See and Store Dress Up Center wardrobe is constructed of durable Baltic birch wood and is coated with clear acrylic to prevent scratches.
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Radica FIJIT Friends Interactive Toys

It’s easy to see why this toy leads the pack in fun and entertainment. Not quite a foot high, this toy is a joy to see in action. These friends have different personalities and come in colors of pink, purple, blue and yellow – but the personalities and color are not what make this toy in such high demand.

The Radica Fijit Friends from Mattel have such fun features as voice recognition, ability to detect the beat in the music and a mode that allows them to perform dance moves. But what kids really like about this toy is its ability to react with over 150 responses.

This toy is the friend that will joke with your child, chat and engage in all sorts of movements to your child’s delight. The personality of this interactive toy is girly and she has a huge, lovable heart, wanting everyone to have fun. The toy has an engaging laugh and will make your child giggle at some of her antics.

What makes this toy so sought after is the way it can interact with your child, but also with the latest technology like iPhones. The pink model of this toy (called Serafina and referred to as ‘the sweetie-pie Fijit Friend’) has soft outer skin that lets her move easily – you’ll be amazed at some of the moves she can do.

Mattel Fijit Friends Serafina Interactive Toy Pink – Mattel
Sale Price:

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