Laugh & Learn Crawl Around Car

Kids between the ages of 6 months to 3 years will love this crawl around car from Fisher-Price. It comes with a number of features, including a steering wheel, horn, an engine key and many songs and sound effects. Three modes of play (learning, music and imagination) teach children the alphabet, numbers, colors, opposites, shapes, greetings and much more, while helping them to develop their motor skills.
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Plasma Bike for Toddlers

Plasma Bike is a balance bike like no other! It’s unique design encourages balance development and wide wheel shape offers a fun, stable ride! Weighing under 6lbs, it’s lightweight and transports easily to playgrounds. The bike is available in both red and black.

When your toddler has reached that exciting time in their life to enjoy the experience of riding their first bike, there is no better choice for this holiday season than the Plasma Bike. Depending on the size of each individual child, this is a cool bike that works very well for children that are between the ages of two to about six years old.

It is always an exciting milestone in life for parents when their toddler is introduced to the first bike that they will ever ride. Riding this bike helps to ensure that the ride will be a fun first experience to be remembered by both you and your child.

Not only is the Plasma Bike a fun toy your child will love to ride, but it also doubles as a tool for learning. As your toddler sits on the seat and moves all about, they will benefit from learning how to steer and balance at the same time they are riding. This balance bike does not come with pedals, which means the action of your child’s feet in moving the bike will help to make certain they get plenty of healthy exercise. These bikes make riding very easy for virtually any toddler, providing them with a countless number of hours of exciting play.
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Dance Star Mickey

Everyone loves Mickey Mouse! Can you think of a friendlier mouse than Mickey? Fischer Price has reinvented this Disney favorite character like never before and Dance Star Mickey is bound to light up the eyes of the little ones in your life this holiday season.

Dance Star Mickey, recommended for children ages 18 months through 6 years, will prove an entertaining addition to your household. As soon as you switch him on he’ll start walking, talking, dancing, and charming his way into the hearts of everyone in your household.

Mickey is programmed with six unique songs and has a variety of dance moves that will have your children laughing and giggling right along with him. Once he’s done with his version of the Moonwalk, Mickey will entertain you with his humorous antics and keep your children occupied with his collection of interactive games.

Dance Star Mickey is loads of fun and is the perfect gift for children who love music, dance, and song. We’re pretty sure the entire family will want to get involved. Grab 6 “AA” batteries and watch your little one’s face glow when she unwraps her new best friend. This is one holiday gift she’s bound to treasure for years to come!

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Tumble Time Tigger

“The wonderful thing about Tiggers, is Tiggers are wonderful things!”

Do you have childhood memories of the first time you heard Tigger sing? Winnie the Pooh’s fun and friendly companion was bustling with energy but, sadly, most of the toys attempting to replicate him fall short when it comes to one thing – personality.

Tigger needs to be active and the creative folks at Fisher-Price took special care in making sure this cuddly version of our enthusiastic friend would be just that. Tumble Time Tigger is full of energy. He sings, dances and does cartwheels and headstands. The more you clap and cheer, the harder he’ll try to entertain you.

Tumble Time Tigger was designed with children between the ages of 18 months and three years in mind. While he will energetically move and groove to your giggles, he won’t move fast enough to cause your toddler to feel any sort of fear or confusion.

The best part about this zany Tigger is that he’s completely unpredictable. Without a set pattern of movements, he’ll always leave your little ones wondering what he’s going to do next. They’ll be entertained for hours as they attempt to get him to keep moving and blurting out his favorite sayings.

You’ll need 6 “AA” batteries in order to keep Tumble Time Tigger in working order. All you have to do is press his ear to turn him on before your child starts calling out to him. Before you know it, the entire household will be captivated by Tigger and his gymnastic skills!

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