Pillow Pets

If your children have seen Pillow Pets on television, chances are they want at least one. These cute, soft, cuddly animals are not only plush stuffed toys, they unfold to a comfy pillow.

Pillow Pets are a combination of a pillow and a stuffed animal pet. When folded in half and secured with the Velco strap they are lovable stuffed animal companions. Unfasten the Velcro strap, and your Pillow Pet will open to an 18 inch plush pillow.

Pillow Pets are made out of incredibly soft chenille material. They are machine washable, making it easy to keep them clean despite constant use. Just put the Pillow Pet in a white pillow case to protect it, then machine wash on the gentle cycle with cold water. After air drying, your Pillow Pet is ready to go again!

The hard part of buying a Pillow Pet is resisting the temptation to choose one for yourself while buying a Christmas gift your child will love.

Where to get Pillow Pets

There is a large assortment of Pillow Pets available so you will be sure to find your, uh, your child’s favorite animal:

My Pillow Pets Miss Lady Bug
My Pillow Pets Buzzy Bumble Bee
My Pillow Pets Lavender Unicorn
My Pillow Pets Snuggly Puppy Dog
My Pillow Pets Comfy Panda
My Pillow Pets Silly Monkey
My Pillow Pets Friendly Frog
My Pillow Pets Hungry Hippo
My Pillow Pets Cozy Cow
My Pillow Pets Perky Penguin
My Pillow Pets Tardy Turtle
My Pillow Pets Zippity Zebra with Pink Trim
My Pillow Pets Wiggly Pig

Don’t see the Pillow Pet you are looking for? Click here for even more Pillow Pets.

If you had a favorite stuffed toy that you carried everywhere with you when you were a child, you already know how much your child will love a Pillow Pet. These are sure to be very popular, so get yours today to avoid missing out on the one your child wants most.