Pink 8pc Drum Set Playset with Sing Along Microphone and Electronic Guitar

The Pink 8 Piece Girls Drum and Musical Instrument Toy Play Set from Kids Authority is a comprehensive music play station designed for children age six years and up. This set comes with all that is needed to give a child a lasting interest in music and allow them to express their creative capabilities in an enjoyable manner. If your young one has been showing an interest in music lately, this multi-faceted musical play set will give them the ideal venue to begin exploring a fulfilling lifelong hobby. If you’ve been searching for a gift that will give a child constructive entertainment and stimulate a creative spark in their minds, the Pink 8 Piece Girls Drum and Musical Instrument Toy Play Set is definitely worth considering.

Key Components of the Pink Eight Piece Girls Drum and Musical Instrument Toy Play Set

This eight piece set includes a Rock ‘n Roll karaoke headset (with a sing-along microphone), an electronic guitar, a 36 key pink keyboard (with an attached microphone stand), a drum set, and 2 chairs. The drum set includes one brass drum, one large tom-tom, a mini tom-tom, one pedal, two drumsticks, and a cymbal. The electronic keyboard has attached speakers, and built-in karaoke functionality that works through the integrated microphone that is perched conveniently on a sturdy stand on the side of the keyboard.
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Paper Jamz Guitars

Is the aspiring musician in your life dying for a guitar? Are you still hesitant about shelling out hundreds of dollars for a musical instrument that may end up collecting dust in just a few short months? If so, consider surprising your young one with an incredibly fun alternative – the Wow Wee Paper Jamz Guitar.

The Paper Jamz Guitar, created by the Wow Wee company, uses innovative technology that will allow your child to experience realistic play by simply touching the paper surface of the guitar. The incredible Active Graphics Technology features paper that has been embedded with circuits, allowing players to follow along with preprogrammed hits. Your young guitar player will also enjoy controlling the guitar’s rhythm, playing freestyle cords, and singing along karaoke-style. Kids can even create their own songs.

The lightweight guitar comes in a wide variety of styles, each with a unique color pattern and 3 different licensed songs. The songs programmed on each include:

Style 1: Plays Sweet Home Alabama, Online, and My Maria
Style 2: Plays What I Like About You, Two Princes, and It’s the End of the World as We Know It
Style 3: Plays Born to Be Wild, Mississippi Queen, and Smoke on the Water
Style 4: Plays You Really Got Me, Blitzkrieg Bop, and Godzilla
Style 5: Plays Hey There Delilah, All Star, and Helicopter
Style 6: Plays Woman, Rockstar, and Take It To The Limit

Try one or collect them all. You and your child will have endless hours of fun jamming along to hit tunes or creating your own! And take a look at additional bestselling Paper Jamz guitars and accessories.