Syma R/C Helicopters

Flying remote controlled toys have seen a resurgence in recent years due to the production and marketing of smaller lightweight toys made of materials that are safe to play with indoors.

Advances in technology and features that allow flying R/C toys like the Syma R/C Helicopters to move slowly and hover makes playing indoors and outdoors safer and easier even for beginners.
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Hottest Christmas Toys for Grownups

Even we grown-up children love our toys! We love gadgets and gizmos that engage us, put us in touch with our imaginations, and just let us have lots of fun. Here are some of the hottest Christmas gifts for the grownups on your list this holiday season.

Kindle Wireless Reading Device
The book-lover in your life understands just how difficult it is to choose just one book on the way out the door. Now, with a Kindle in tow, she won’t have to choose. She’ll be able to carry over 3,000 books at a time on her slim Kindle Wireless Reading Device. Readers can download full books, using the system’s Wi-Fi network or free 3G, in under 60 seconds. Watch as your favorite reader rekindles her passion for the written word.
Apple iPod touch 64 GB (4th Generation)
Has the music lover in your life been dying for a new MP3 player? The 4th generation iPod touch is the perfect gift, holding up to 64 GB of data. Not sure what that means? Think 14,000 songs, 80 hours of movies, or nearly 100,000 images. When fully charged, the iPod touch can play music for more than 30 hours. It’s a music lover’s dream.

Scene It? The Simpsons Deluxe Edition
Everyone loves The Simpsons and there’s no better way to encourage a family or friend get-together than by giving the gift of Scene It? This incredibly dysfunctional family is celebrating its 20th anniversary, meaning you’ll have to think back over more than 2 decades of information in the hopes of finding the right trivia answer. Grab a few beers, sit around the table, and enjoy a grownup game full of memories and laughs.
Motorola MOTOROKR S9 Bluetooth Active Headphones
The line of Bluetooth Active Headphones is innovative and stylish, securing itself around the back of your head and settling into both years. It’s perfect for wireless devices that act as both phones and MP3 players. You’ll be able to exercise or move about without cords and wires while listening to music or taking calls, controlling everything by touching a few simple controls on the headband. Going wireless has never been so stylish.
Livescribe 2 GB Pulse Smartpen
Make your notes more complete than they have ever been. The Livescribe Smartpen captures your written notes and audio and links them together. You can easily move your notes to your computer and even turn them into movies you can share with others. With 2GB of memory you can capture over 200 hours of recorded audio or 32,000 pages of notes. It is great for students, writers or anyone who needs a record of presentations, lectures, classes and meetings.

The only problem with this list of the hottest Christmas toys for grownups is that you are probably going to want to buy one or more of them for yourself! Start leaving hints with Santa right now for your favorite gift, then pick up a few for the special people on your gift list. Oh, and you may want to get something for yourself, just in case Santa doesn’t come through for you!