Tabeo 7 Inch Kids Tablet

The Tabeo 7 inch Kids Tablet is manufactured just for kids.  While you may have a tablet meant for adults and older children, this tablet has children in mind.  To that end, it’s durable and has apps that are perfect for younger audiences.

It has a soft case that surrounds the tablet to protect it from wear and tear that can be brought on by kids.  It also has a 7 inch screen capable of producing millions of colors.  It operates on the Android operating system that may be familiar to you from phones and other tablets. [Read more…]

VTech VSmile TV Learning System

Think back to your very first gaming system. Was it a Nintendo? Was it an Atari? The VTech VSmile TV Learning System was designed with your child in mind, as a plug-and-play system placing the importance of educational play over everything else.

Designed for children ages three through eight, the Vtech V.Smile TV Learning System features a series of game cartridges (or Smartridges) jam packed with fun learning zone activities and games. Each Smartridge contains a series of games designed to enhance the skills your child will need to have in school.

You’ll need 4 “AA” batteries in order to run your learning system but you may opt to purchase a 9V adapter if you’re prefer to plug it in for play instead. The easy-to-use joystick is adaptable for right and left-handed children and features flashing buttons to enhance your younger player’s experiences. A second joystick can be easily plugged into the system for group play. Up to 6 Smartridge cards can be stored inside the gaming console compartment.

Your child will love learning about logic, math, and spelling with his favorite cartoon characters like Thomas the Train, Shrek, Dora The Explorer, and Spongebob Squarepants. As he improves his skills, your child will have the opportunity to switch to the game’s second level, with faster speeds and more advanced skills.

Parents seem to love the VSmile TV Learning Station, some noting that the design of the game reminds younger children of the more popular, advanced video gaming stations they see so often. Their children seem to love playing the VSmile games and don’t even realize they’re getting an early education at the same time!

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Do you remember playing the Simon or Bop-It games? Loopz uses new technology that takes games of action and memory to a brand new level.

Loopz gets kids (and the whole family!) moving, testing the ability to remember and duplicate a sequence of lights and sounds. This interactive device has 4 semi-circular loops that flash with patterns of light and music. Players must which players must imitate the pattern by waving their hands through the appropriate loops. Motion sensors in each loop read the action to ensure each sequence was repeated correctly. The action gets faster as the game continue so pay attention—three mistakes and you are out!

So how does the game work? Set Loopz on a flat surface, turn it on, then choose a level. Loopz will create a pattern of lights and music that must mimic by waving their hands through the hoops. The hoops are equipped with motion sensors to record players’ movements.

Loopz has seven different game modes that can be played alone or in a group of up to four. The seven modes are:
* Repeat the Beat: Repeat an ever-longer pattern of lights.
* Reflex Master: Tag as many lights as you can before time runs out.
* Rhythm and Flow: Keep the song playing by tagging the random light sequences before they turn off.
* Musicology: Build songs one instrument at a time by mimicking sequences of light.
* Freestyle DJ: Turn tracks off and on to remix the Loopz music.
* Music Studio: Play Loopz like a musical instrument. You can play 10 distinct notes with each sound.
* Versus Mode: Test your ability to remember and repeat a sequence until one player makes three mistakes.

Some of the seven games feature up to three levels to challenge players of all ages and skill levels. Loopz is recommended for kids age 5 and up. This is a game that the whole family will have a blast playing together.Even younger kids may have fun with the non-competitive modes where they can make Loopz play sound and light patterns. Loopz requires 4 AA batteries (included).

Help your kids enhance their memories, improve hand and eye coordination and increase flexibility while having loads of fun.

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Leapster Explorer from LeapFrog

The Leapster Explorer Learning Game System (Green) from LeapFrog has quickly become one of the most valuable learning games for children on the market. Designed with education in mind, the Leapster Explorer offers a wide variety of eBooks, games, videos and activities.

Children using the Leapster Explorer will have the opportunity to develop the skills they’ll need in both school and everyday life. The Leapster Explorer will connect children to LeapWorld, where they can safely download a variety of learning applications and games. Parents can later use the LeapFrog Learning Path to track the progress their children are making as they learn from each activity.

Math, science, geography and reading have never been so appealing. The newest Leapster Explorer games, available for separate purchase, include Toy Story 3 and The Penguins of Madagascar: Operation Plushy Rescue. Buzz, Woody, and the gang offer 15 educational mini-games designed to enhance your child’s phonics skills while the Penguins of Madagascar will ask your children to use logic and math skills to overcome a series of obstacles. They’ll even learn a little bit about animal science along the way.

The Leapster Explorer is recommended for children between the ages of 4 and 7. Leapster Leapfrog Explorer games are not compatible with other LeapFrog systems. The LeapFrog Leapster Explorer Carry Case and LeapFrog Leapster Explorer Recharger are available for purchase separately.