Dog Christmas Toys

Christmas isn’t only for humans! The hottest Christmas toys for dogs will keep your canine friend happy and entertained. That has advantages to you, too, as a bored dog can find ways to entertain himself that may include scratching the doors, tearing up the furniture, and chewing those new Manolo Blahniks you absolutely love.  If you are looking for a fabulous toy for your favorite pooch, check out this list of the hottest Christmas toys for man’s best friend.

Dog Treadmill

Too wet or too cold to take Rover for a walk? Or maybe you are just too tired after a long day to get the leash and trudge outside. Your doggie will love getting a workout on the PetZen DogTread Motorized Exercise Treadmill by PetZen. Dogs are happier and more relaxed when they get enough exercise, and with this treadmill, they can get the exercise they need every day, rain or shine.

The treadmill is quiet, so Fido can get his workout without disturbing your television viewing. Of course, you will have to train your dog to use the treadmill, but most dogs take to it right away and love their time on the machine. Complete instructions for training your pet are included. The dog treadmill is easy to assemble, and stores on end to save space.

Kong Dog Toys

Kong Dog Toys are a sure hit with every dog. These toys are made of a virtually-indestructible hard rubber and will last for years.Some of the most popular Kong toys are:

Kong Wobbler Dog Toy – The Wobbler is a fun way to give your dog treats, or even feed him. It is especially good for dogs that tend to gulp their food, as they have to work a bit between bites. Put the food inside the Wobbler and, as your dog bats at it, it tips and spins, dropping food out a hole in the side. It is challenging and fun for your dog, and entertaining for you and your family.
Kong Rubber Flyer – Does your dog love to play with Frisbee discs? The Rubber Flyer is similar, but made especially for dogs so it is more durable when chewed.
Kong Extreme Dog Toy – Made for “power chewers,” the Extreme Dog Toy is heavy rubber that can be filled with treats. Your dog will love chasing and chewing the Extreme Dog Toy, and it will stand up to even the most aggressive chewing.

Plush Toys

Dogs love to chew, so give them something of their very own to chew on and keep them from chewing your stuff. The Kyjen Plush Puppies Squeaker Mat Long Body Gator Dog Toy with 16 Squeakers is one of the most popular plush dog toys available this Christmas. The chewing and the squeaking will keep dogs of all ages interested. Buy a chew toy, save your Jimmy Choo’s! Don’t want a gator? Kyjen has plenty of other plush dog toys available.

Your dog gives you unconditional love all year, so why not brighten your favorite canine’s holiday with a special gift?