Hottest Toys for Christmas 2011

The Toy Insider has been predicting the hottest holiday toys for five years now. Many parents use this as a guide to help figure out which gift to buy their child. The best thing about the Toy Insider hot 20 for 2011 is that they cover a huge age range, and come in at a variety of prices. Keep reading to find out more about each of the toys on this list.

0-2 Years Of Age

For the very youngest children, the Toy Insider hot 20 for 2011 list includes the entertaining Let’s Rock Elmo, which will teach your child to sing with Elmo and play along with toy musical instruments. There’s also the ever popular Pocoyo Swiggle Traks set, the Elefun Busy Ball Popper and the Little People Zoo Talkers Zoo that’ll help your child learn more about different animals and what they sound like.

3-5 Years Of Age

There are plenty of choices for this age bracket, and one of the highlights is the Plasma Bike. This is a balance bike that’ll help kids develop those vital balance skills, but without yet having to worry about pedaling or using training wheels.

Aside from the Plasma Bike, other recommendations include:
* The LeapPad Explorer,
* Chuggington Interactive Railway,
* Lazer Stunt Chaser,
* Mini Lalaloopsy Treehouse,
* Lite Sprites.

6-8 Years Of Age

For children who are a little older, things get even more fun. One gift that’ll prove fun for the whole family is the Redakai Championship Tin – a starter kit for the popular game that comes with basic and advanced levels for kids and adults alike. Or maybe you’ve got an Angry Birds fan in the house? No matter how old they are, the new Angry Birds plush toys are bound to be appreciated.

Other hot toy predictions for this age bracket include:
* Justin Bieber Rockin’ Tour Bus And Concert Stage,
* Nerf Vortex Proton Blaster,
* Radica Fijit Friends,
* Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure.

9 Years And Older

If you’re looking for a good gift for your tween then there are a couple of Toy Insider predictions that the whole family will be able to enjoy together. First is the uDraw Studio game and tablet for the Nintendo Wii, letting you draw directly onto the tablet into the game, with a range of different effects. Another good option is the WowWee Paper Jamz Pro Mic Series. These microphones are all about having fun, and add plenty of effects to your voice as you sing.

Other recommendations for hot tween gifts:
* Lego Alien Conquest: Alien Mothership,
* Scene It! Harry Potter trivia game.

As you can see, there’s a toy to suit every child on the Toy Insider Hot 20 for 2011 predictions list. They’re all widely available online too, so shop around to grab the best price before these toys go out of stock.

5 Great Gift Ideas for Babies

Babies, newborns through the age of 2, can be very difficult to shop for during the holiday season. There are lots of toys to choose from, but an infant hasn’t yet had the chance to express his unique personality (and they hardly ever make lists for Santa!).

The best choices for babies are bright, colorful toys designed to stimulate the senses. The toys here can help babies develop the skills they will need to help them learn as they grow.

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

Your baby will learn to appreciate classic music early in life with the baby versions of Rossini, Vivaldi, and Mozart. The Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes toy features a huge button in the middle, easy for little hands to push. Hitting that button will allow your child to switch from song to song and a series of colorful lights will flash across the screen to keep her interested and entertained.

LeapFrog My Pal Violet

Created by LeapFrog, My Pal Violet will prove an incredibly cuddly addition to your little one’s crib décor. When Violet arrives, parents can plug her into the computer to customize which music she’ll play. You can also customize the toy to say your child’s name as well as the names of your child’s favorite color, favorite food, and favorite animal. Pressing each paw will encourage Violet to do something different, whether it’s playing a game or singing a lullaby.

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Deluxe Musical Activity Gym

You’ll need something extra special to keep your baby busy as she starts to roll and crawl. The large round mat leaves plenty of space for baby to move around while the overhead spinning balls, mirrors, and hanging rattles will catch her eye and captivate her with their colorful designs. Your baby will spend time strengthening her neck and back while having fun.

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

The Rainforest Jumperoo has a newly developed frame that makes it easy to open up and set baby inside. Your baby can rotate himself a full 360 degrees, playing with toys on any side of the jumperoo. The spinning drum at the front of the seat will activate the lights and music and the parrot, monkey and elephant are bound to entertain. Even the tigers and lizards want to come out and play hide and seek. The Rainforest Jumperoo has three separate height adjustments, making this toy perfect for extended play as your baby grows.

Lamaze Freddie the Firefly

Freddie the Firefly is a small, cuddly toy jam packed with enticing features. The rings at his tail clank together and the knot at the top of his antennae was designed with teething babies in mind. The mirror and squeaker will entertain your baby while the soft velour will soothe and comfort.

Babies may seem fussy and opinionated but they’re incredibly easy to entertain. Choose the perfect toys for your favorite baby this holiday season and you’re bound to keep him happy – at least for a little while!