Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Blossom Bright Sprinkler

Children have long enjoyed the thrill of running through garden sprinklers on hot sunny days. They’re a great way to cool off, keep the kids active and water your lawn all at once! The Sunny Patch Blossom Bright Sprinkler from Melissa & Doug tries to improve on the standard garden sprinkler formula by a design that’s both visually appealing and safer for kids at play. Is it really any better than a regular garden sprinkler? Let’s take a look.
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Angry Birds Plush Toys

The Angry Birds app is the number one app across the world, downloaded and played by millions of fans. It involves catapulting the birds towards the green pigs in an attempt to get revenge. Sounds simple, but it’s hugely addictive.

The Angry Birds have now made their way into the toy world. There are a range of different Angry Birds plush toys available to buy, ranging in size and depicting popular characters from the game. They all feature authentic sounds from the game, and are suitable for kids and adults alike.

Features of The Angry Birds Plush Toys

* Come in a variety of sizes and characters,
* Officially licensed to match the characters and sounds in the game,
* Squeeze the top of the toy to hear the bird make a sound,
* Suitable for age one and above.

Should You Buy The Angry Birds Plush Toys For Your Child?

The Angry Birds toys are suitable for just about anyone, whether you’ve got a big kid in the house who loves to play the game, or a toddler who could do with a new, fun, soft friend. That said, those who will appreciate this toy the most are those who’ve played the Angry Birds app before, whether on their smartphone, computer or tablet.

These toys don’t come with any fancy bells and whistles. They’re simply round, plush balls that make a few different sounds when you squeeze them. You can choose the sizes that best suit your needs, and they start at 5 inches.

The main thing you need to worry about in a toy like this is that it can withstand rough treatment. After all, the Angry Birds in the game are frequently catapulted towards the pigs! Kids are bound to recreate this with their toy, though thankfully most parents have reported the toy holding up well.

The only downside to the Angry Birds toys is that you need to be careful not to push too hard to create the sound. Although most units are fine, a few buyers have reported issues with the sound mechanism breaking relatively quickly. Also note that, once the included batteries run out, there’s no way of replacing them.

In short, the Angry Birds plush toys are some of the most affordable “hot” toys you can buy this holiday season. At less than $15, they’re a fun gift for anyone who loves quirky stuffed toys, or who is obsessed with the original Angry Birds game.

Hottest Toys for Christmas 2011

The Toy Insider has been predicting the hottest holiday toys for five years now. Many parents use this as a guide to help figure out which gift to buy their child. The best thing about the Toy Insider hot 20 for 2011 is that they cover a huge age range, and come in at a variety of prices. Keep reading to find out more about each of the toys on this list.

0-2 Years Of Age

For the very youngest children, the Toy Insider hot 20 for 2011 list includes the entertaining Let’s Rock Elmo, which will teach your child to sing with Elmo and play along with toy musical instruments. There’s also the ever popular Pocoyo Swiggle Traks set, the Elefun Busy Ball Popper and the Little People Zoo Talkers Zoo that’ll help your child learn more about different animals and what they sound like.

3-5 Years Of Age

There are plenty of choices for this age bracket, and one of the highlights is the Plasma Bike. This is a balance bike that’ll help kids develop those vital balance skills, but without yet having to worry about pedaling or using training wheels.

Aside from the Plasma Bike, other recommendations include:
* The LeapPad Explorer,
* Chuggington Interactive Railway,
* Lazer Stunt Chaser,
* Mini Lalaloopsy Treehouse,
* Lite Sprites.

6-8 Years Of Age

For children who are a little older, things get even more fun. One gift that’ll prove fun for the whole family is the Redakai Championship Tin – a starter kit for the popular game that comes with basic and advanced levels for kids and adults alike. Or maybe you’ve got an Angry Birds fan in the house? No matter how old they are, the new Angry Birds plush toys are bound to be appreciated.

Other hot toy predictions for this age bracket include:
* Justin Bieber Rockin’ Tour Bus And Concert Stage,
* Nerf Vortex Proton Blaster,
* Radica Fijit Friends,
* Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure.

9 Years And Older

If you’re looking for a good gift for your tween then there are a couple of Toy Insider predictions that the whole family will be able to enjoy together. First is the uDraw Studio game and tablet for the Nintendo Wii, letting you draw directly onto the tablet into the game, with a range of different effects. Another good option is the WowWee Paper Jamz Pro Mic Series. These microphones are all about having fun, and add plenty of effects to your voice as you sing.

Other recommendations for hot tween gifts:
* Lego Alien Conquest: Alien Mothership,
* Scene It! Harry Potter trivia game.

As you can see, there’s a toy to suit every child on the Toy Insider Hot 20 for 2011 predictions list. They’re all widely available online too, so shop around to grab the best price before these toys go out of stock.

Bob the Builder Construction Tower

Bob the Builder Construction Tower is yet another new play set that has been added to this widely popular line of kid’s toys. All the other toys in this range have already made a smash hit among countless boys and girls. It is expected that this tower set will also become a fast success this holiday season, as many have named it to be one of the hottest toys on the market for Christmas 2011.

Some of the Key Features of Bob the Builder Construction Tower Set

There is a never ending amount of thrills and fun that both girls and boys three years old and above can have while constructing this colorful tower. Some of the awesome features contained in this set include the following:

  • The popular Bob the Builder figure that so many kids have grown to adore is included with the tower set.
  • The construction tower is interactive; making the fun your child will have extra exciting.
  • The winch included in the set is movable. This means it is easy for kids to load the materials that are needed for construction, and then they can easily be lifted to the tower’s top. This makes the height of the construction even higher.
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Baby Annabell Doll

Baby Annabell is the must-have doll of the holiday season. Baby Annabellis a doll that has a variety of fun features that have quickly turned her into a ‘must have’ gift for tons of young girls everywhere. She is the perfect companion and she is highly interactive.

What makes Baby Annabell so much fun for young girls to play with is she has so many realistic sounds that go along with her movements. She can yawn, drink, burp, and giggle, right along with the laughter of your child.

An African-American Baby Annabell is available. This is a popular gift that any young girl will love, and the interactive fun she can have will keep her busy for hours. The realistic sounds this cute doll makes turns make believe into a time that seems much like having a real baby. The doll’s babbling and sucking noises as she eats truly make her sound like the real thing.

Your child can even give the doll real water to drink, and she will cry real tears whenever she is ready to eat or sad. These are features that make this bright eyed gift a hit that numerous girls would like to find under their tree this holiday season.
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Matchbox Stinky the Garbage Truck

The latest addition to the Big Rig Buddies line of interactive toy vehicles from Matchbox is Stinky The Garbage Truck.

Children ages 3 and up will love Stinky’s feisty personality and the more than 90 phrases and sounds he emits. Stinky the Garbage Truck has oversized and easy to move articulated parts so they can easily move Stinky’s cab, wheels and body. In addition to Stinky’s moving parts, sensory points located at various locations on the toy trigger phrases, sounds and movements.

Stinky The Garbage Truck has 5 interactive modes of play, but he can be turned off and played with just like a regular toy vehicle. Great for those times when the batteries wear out, or Mom and Dad want a bit more quiet. Pushing or pulling Stinky will trigger his head-like cab to turn and headlights to blink. Kids can make Stinky speak by triggering sensors in the smoke stack, rear door and vehicle bottom.

Kids can even “feed” Stinky. The grille on the front of the cab is his “mouth” and children will enjoy feeding Stinky small items or toys that get dumped out later. He also functions just like a real garbage truck. Just drop items into the top compartment and Stinky will expel them out of the rear door just when kids pulling on his smoke stack. When he dumps the toys from his garbage holder, he makes a funny sound and says “Excuse Me!” Kids in the target age range for Stinky will find this hilarious, and will have Stinky perform this action again and again.

Pushing or pulling Stinky’s smoke stack will make him dance and sing, raising himself up on two wheels and singing a silly song.

When Stinky is left alone, he will turn himself off and go to sleep. Ready to play? Just press his smoke stack and he wakes right up, ready for more fun!

Each Stinky the Garbage Truck comes with a Matchbox Big Rig Buddies DVD featuring the whole Big Rig Buddies gang. Stinky uses 4 C batteries and, although he comes with demo batteries, you will want to have a fresh set of regular C batteries on hand and the demos do not last long.

If you are looking for a funny, lovable and all around safe interactive toy for children ages 3 and up, it is hard to go wrong with this toy. Stinky is built with the durable quality we have come to expect from Matchbox, and it will stand up to the rough play of young children. The bonus DVD makes a great companion to this toy. Your children can watch the DVD while they play with Stinky the Garbage Truck, and when they want to take a break from playing.

Stinky The Garbage Truck is one of the hottest Christmas toys for 2010, so get yours today to avoid disappointment.

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Pillow Pets

If your children have seen Pillow Pets on television, chances are they want at least one. These cute, soft, cuddly animals are not only plush stuffed toys, they unfold to a comfy pillow.

Pillow Pets are a combination of a pillow and a stuffed animal pet. When folded in half and secured with the Velco strap they are lovable stuffed animal companions. Unfasten the Velcro strap, and your Pillow Pet will open to an 18 inch plush pillow.

Pillow Pets are made out of incredibly soft chenille material. They are machine washable, making it easy to keep them clean despite constant use. Just put the Pillow Pet in a white pillow case to protect it, then machine wash on the gentle cycle with cold water. After air drying, your Pillow Pet is ready to go again!

The hard part of buying a Pillow Pet is resisting the temptation to choose one for yourself while buying a Christmas gift your child will love.

Where to get Pillow Pets

There is a large assortment of Pillow Pets available so you will be sure to find your, uh, your child’s favorite animal:

My Pillow Pets Miss Lady Bug
My Pillow Pets Buzzy Bumble Bee
My Pillow Pets Lavender Unicorn
My Pillow Pets Snuggly Puppy Dog
My Pillow Pets Comfy Panda
My Pillow Pets Silly Monkey
My Pillow Pets Friendly Frog
My Pillow Pets Hungry Hippo
My Pillow Pets Cozy Cow
My Pillow Pets Perky Penguin
My Pillow Pets Tardy Turtle
My Pillow Pets Zippity Zebra with Pink Trim
My Pillow Pets Wiggly Pig

Don’t see the Pillow Pet you are looking for? Click here for even more Pillow Pets.

If you had a favorite stuffed toy that you carried everywhere with you when you were a child, you already know how much your child will love a Pillow Pet. These are sure to be very popular, so get yours today to avoid missing out on the one your child wants most.

Electronic Furby

Furby toys hit store shelves in the late 90’s and quickly became a popular replacement for the traditional robot. Designed to look like a combination of a hamster and an owl, these toys were originally hot sellers and very difficult to find.

The distinguishing trait of the Furby was its ability to slowly migrate from speaking 100% Furbish to speaking English. The idea was that the Furby would continue to speak its own language until it was nourished enough to learn English – no matter where they were living.

The Furby craze died down in 2000 and remained quiet until 2005, when the Emoto-Tronic company released a line of Furbies, Furby Baby, and the Funky Furby. They were again popular because of new enhancements such as voice-recognition and the ability to make unique facial twitches. Some could communicate with other Furby toys, interacting to play games and sing songs. They sold well in 2007 but then became incredibly difficult to find.

Sticking with the idea that “everything old becomes new again,” some forecasters predict the Furby will be incredibly popular this holiday season. The newer versions are a bit easier to find than the originals, but the originals can still be found online and in specialty stores. Keep your eyes peeled and be ready to jump on the offers you do find. We have a feeling the Furby toy won’t last much longer but those who get their hands on them will be incredibly glad they did!