Bob the Builder Construction Tower

Bob the Builder Construction Tower is yet another new play set that has been added to this widely popular line of kid’s toys. All the other toys in this range have already made a smash hit among countless boys and girls. It is expected that this tower set will also become a fast success this holiday season, as many have named it to be one of the hottest toys on the market for Christmas 2011.

Some of the Key Features of Bob the Builder Construction Tower Set

There is a never ending amount of thrills and fun that both girls and boys three years old and above can have while constructing this colorful tower. Some of the awesome features contained in this set include the following:

  • The popular Bob the Builder figure that so many kids have grown to adore is included with the tower set.
  • The construction tower is interactive; making the fun your child will have extra exciting.
  • The winch included in the set is movable. This means it is easy for kids to load the materials that are needed for construction, and then they can easily be lifted to the tower’s top. This makes the height of the construction even higher.
  • A few of the other accessories that are also featured include play cement bags, a toy wheelbarrow, and more.

One of the great advantages that many parents notice right away with Bob the Builder Construction Tower is kids don’t even mind being drawn away from their video games. As children begin to build this interactive tower, it takes a little effort on their part, which helps to promote the use of their creativity and imagination. They will truly enjoy the feeling of accomplishment after seeing the results of starting at ground level and building the tower all the way up to its full height.

Waking up each morning and rushing back to plans for marking a work zone and placing the construction cones in their proper place has never been so much fun! A feature that makes Bob the Builder Construction Tower even more fun is it gives your child the ability to interact with the play set as the building is underway. Your kids will really get the feel of what it is actually like to be on a construction site as they lay out the cement bags they’ll need for their project. They can even have their friends join in on the fun while they use the wheelbarrow to bring them the needed materials.

Bob the Builder Construction Tower makes the perfect addition to other toys of the series that your child may already have. This is a benefit that can really get the excitement going in a hurry. Mixing several different play sets together will soon have your child constructing all sorts of building projects. As soon as the construction of the tower has been completed, it will be time to dive in, tear it down, and begin the building process all over again.