Baby Annabell Doll

Baby Annabell is the must-have doll of the holiday season. Baby Annabellis a doll that has a variety of fun features that have quickly turned her into a ‘must have’ gift for tons of young girls everywhere. She is the perfect companion and she is highly interactive.

What makes Baby Annabell so much fun for young girls to play with is she has so many realistic sounds that go along with her movements. She can yawn, drink, burp, and giggle, right along with the laughter of your child.

An African-American Baby Annabell is available. This is a popular gift that any young girl will love, and the interactive fun she can have will keep her busy for hours. The realistic sounds this cute doll makes turns make believe into a time that seems much like having a real baby. The doll’s babbling and sucking noises as she eats truly make her sound like the real thing.

Your child can even give the doll real water to drink, and she will cry real tears whenever she is ready to eat or sad. These are features that make this bright eyed gift a hit that numerous girls would like to find under their tree this holiday season.

As most of us know, the world of make believe can be a truly magical place for small children. It is an exciting place where the imagination and creativity inside a child’s mind can begin to grow and flourish, and the lifelike features of this doll make it all the more fun. She burps when she has been fed and after her tummy is full, giggles can be heard when her toy stuffed animal sheep is lightly squeezed. Whenever she is feeling content she will drift off into dreamland. She even begins to cry with unbelievably realistic tears whenever she is unhappy or upset.

If you have a young child who wants nothing more than to have a baby doll that she can take care of like her own baby then the Baby Annabell is the perfect choice to add to her Christmas wish list. The best part about purchasing this doll for your child is that it will keep them occupied for a long time to come because of all the different realistic interactions the doll comes with.

Not only will your child be entertained for hours upon hours but they will also learn the importance of taking care of a small child, the difference between emotions, and what it is like to have responsibility. Although your child may not see this as anything more than a toy doll, you as the parent know that Baby Annabell is also a great learning tool for growing kids.

Baby Annabell has multiple interactive features & play modes. Her mouth moves when she sucks on her pacifier or drinks from her bottle. If she is woken by a loud noise, she cries real tears. An interactive plush lamb plays a lullaby which stops the baby’s crying. New realistic baby sounds:- Babbling- Gurgling- Giggling- Sucking- Burping3 – AAA batteries required. Ages 3 and up.
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