Avengers – The Movie, The Merchandise

Marvel’s The Avengers came out in theaters in May 2012 and, as with any Marvel based movie, it was sure to be a hit – and so were the accompanying toys! Here’s a guide to what you need to know if your child is Avengers-obsessed.

Iron Man: Iron Man’s abilities are all in the suit. It shoot lasers, has heavy duty armor and can also launch mini missiles. Most of the toys that feature Captain America also come in a very similar version for Iron Man.

Captain America: Captain America was a soldier, Steve Rogers, that the government transformed into a super soldier. He is fast, strong and agile and is known for his patriotic shield and uniform. You can find long action figures and also some with vehicles, masks and shields that children can use, Squinkies and also plush figures.

Hulk: Hulk is the character that changes from an everyday guy, Bruce Banner, to not-so-jolly green giant when he gets angry. He has super strength and can heal himself quickly. Since Hulk doesn’t have to use a vehicle to get around and only needs his strength for crime fighting, his toys are mostly limited to action figures and green fisted boxing gloves.

Thor: A one time prince, Thor’s super strength and heavy mallet help him keep the peace. Not only can you find action figures, but reproductions of Thor’s mallet and helmet can also be found. The hammer head is usually made of a sponge or NERF like material to prevent any accidents.

Hawkeye: Clint Barton has excellent aim, hence the name. His fast acting and specially designed arrows help to keep the world a safer place. He prefers to use his bow to take out villains and kids can get in on that action with Hawkeye cross bows and action figures.

Black Widow: Natasha Romanoff wasn’t born with super powers, she created her own. She is smart, skilled in hand to hand combat and an excellent spy. Unfortunately, Black Widow toys are limited to only action figures.

Nick Fury: Although Nick Fury does not have a superpower, but is a fierce fighter and experienced spy.

For bigger kids and adults, there is an Avengers line of perfumes from Thor, Captain America, the Black Widow, Hulk and Iron Man. You can also find Avengers Lego sets, but because of the small pieces, they are recommended for children over the age of six (to prevent choking hazards).

Get your official Avengers merchandise at the Marvel Comics store.